Who We Are

EnAccess Maps helps people find accessible places by gathering reviews that rate how easy it is to get around. This ensures that those with accessibility needs can enjoy going out while feeling informed.


What Drives Us Forward

EnAccess Maps aims to create a more inclusive society by offering a platform for people with disabilties of to share their experiences, discover accessible places, and have their voices heard. Additionally, EnAccess Maps raises awareness about the importance of fair access for everyone to enjoy goods, services, entertainment, and recreational opportunities in our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is for EnAccess Maps to become the go-to wheelchair access guide, where reviews and ratings are trusted, reliable and meaningful. We want to provide a platform for both the local community and the spirited traveller - looking to plan and find restaurants, accommodation and activities that can be tailored to ones specific accessibility requirements. We hope that, by becoming a dependable, reputable and honest guide, we can help everyone access a more stress-free life full of new and respectful experiences. In the process, we aspire to empower users with mobility impairments by giving them a platform to express their concerns or delights, and help our community address problems and improve accessibility.


Our Trusted Partners

We are proud to collaborate with industry-leading companies that share our vision and values.